Cat Collars

Premium Tuff Lock Cat Collar on orange kitty

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Cat Collars

So you need a collar for your cat. At Premium Tuff Lock we have any number of Cat Collars in various colors and patterns. The Premium Tuff Lock breakaway cat collar is fully adjustable to fit cats of most sizes. Breakaway cat collars allow you to keep your cat safe in two ways; identification and control. It has a smooth breakaway buckle and a split ring suitable for an ID-tag and is available in 100+ colors and patterns!


All of our products, including Premium Tuff Lock cat collars, have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Even if they are chewed in half by on overabundance of enthusiasm. That’s how much we believe in our products. They are hand sewn and made from tough, high quality nylon. Every one of Premium Tuff Lock collars, harnesses and leashes are completely, and proudly, made in California.  As a result we can ensure the highest quality in each item, both in composition and construction.

Sizes and Design

Premium Tuff Lock cat collars give you easy control of your pets. Control that is also comfortable for both of you as they are fully adjustable. They come in such a wide variety of colors and designs that your pets would have no trouble keeping up with the Kardashians! Our selection has well over 100 styles and patterns to satisfy the heart of the most fashion conscious pet; solid colors, checks, modern and classic patterns and, for the ultimate style sentient pet. There are designs for every season, Christmas and even Halloween.

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