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Dog Accessories

There are about 79 million pet dogs in the US. No matter whether you have one dog, or many… It doesn’t matter whether they are puppies or from any number of dog breeds; dogs are simply awesome. Dogs loyalty to their human friends is unexpectedly strong and they are extremely intelligent.  They can sense human emotions, feelings and body language. At Premium Tufflock we love Dogs and we know you do too. Our Dog collars, leashes, harnesses and other dog accessories are made with the comfort, safety and style of your dog, and you, in mind.

Dog Collars

Premium Tuff Lock offers Plastic Buckle CollarsMetal Buckle Collars and Partial Chokers. In addition we have Martingale Collars and if you need one a Behavior Control Lead. Our products allow you to keep your dogs safe in two ways; identification and control. It almost goes without saying that ID tags need a collar as does a leash. Therefore Premium Tuff Lock dog collars come with a split ring to carry those all-important ID-tags. All Proudly made in the USA.

Plastic Buckle Dog Collars

Metal Buckle Dog Collars

Dog Collars Martingales

Dog Collars Behave Control Lead

Dog Collar Partial Choker


Dog Leashes

Our high quality durable dog leashes / leads keep you in full control during walks. As well as giving the dog the feeling of extreme comfort and safety beyond the walls of your home. Premium Tufflock leashes / leads are available in the 4’ lengths and 6’ lengths and all 3 widths for any size dog.  Premium Tufflock also offers a 2 foot length leash with a 1” width for total control in training or for heavy downtown traffic.

If you have more than one pet, then our dual dog leashes are the perfect solution. They come with a Swivel Coupler / Double Dog Leash making ‘walkies’ one of the best time of the day. Maybe your pooch a bit naughty? We also handcraft partial chokers and behavior control leads – the most humane way to exert your leadership and pack control.  All Proudly made in the USA.

2 Feet Long Dog Leashes

4 Feet Long Dog Leashes

6 Feet Long Dog Leashes

Double Handle Dog Leashes

Swivel Coupler Dog Leash


Dog Harnesses

For some dogs a harness is better than a collar. Particularly when out and about with your dog. We provide a Step In Harness and Figure H Dog Harness with the Premium Tuff Lock quick-release buckle for easy on/off. Connected by cross-bars on the pet’s back and under its chest our harnesses are fully adjustable. Your Dog steps into the two webbing loops with its front paws. And then you clip it shut with the quick release buckle now on the dogs back.

Multiple dog harness sizes – whether Step-in or Figure-H harness for your dog – gives you full control of your pets. As well as giving the pet the feeling of extreme comfort and safety beyond the walls of your home. Contoured buckles, sturdy yet comfortable webbing, and hardware that not only has ‘catwalk’ appeal but will also endure wear. Weather and rough play is what makes our products the most desired personal pet-ware on the continent. All Proudly made in the USA.

Figure H Harness

Step in Harness